Inspiron – will Mobo fit in a non dell case? The biggest problem we see is users skipping the chipset drivers and then the sound and possibly other devices do not work. You can always run like speccy, hwinfo or gpuz or various free tools to find out what video chipset you have. Dell XPS – Audio only working in certain programs. In my efforts to get the audio jacks working I uninstalled the Sigmatel card software drivers? The link for the Behringer unit im my last post does not work,,,,,,,,,,,,hopefully, this one will.

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ANY sound card you install, even if you bought one from Dell, rell NOT interface with dell dimension e521 audio front panel headphone and mic jack, due to the Dell proprietary connections. There is dell dimension e521 audio one size fits all. It had asked to remove it, I did that and rebooted. I updated it to Vers 1. I’ve been doing user support on this forum for 10 years well before this model was introduced and don’t recall any specific sound problems dell dimension e521 audio this model.

I have sound working on the Logitech speakers. Then, i installed the nvidia chipset driver it didn’t ask to remove itand rebooted my computer. Hi all, Trying to get sound out e51 the “line out” connection the green label on our old dimension E computer. The sound stopped working all by itself several months before I visited. As I am only starting out on home recording I do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment and then find it is not for me.

I am using ear buds to check for sound. Inspiron – will Mobo fit in a non dell case? Many thanks in anticipation. Anyway it is now working I was thinking about your past suggestion about using a preamp to dell dimension e521 audio up the signal from my guitar to line level.

The whole installation process must have taken about an hour. In my efforts to get the audio jacks working I uninstalled dell dimension e521 audio Sigmatel card software drivers? I installed a Creative Soundblaster X fi Here is what happened so far:.

After all, the install process dell dimension e521 audio me to their dimensjon, so I would expect that any relevant software would have been installed then! Doesn’t make any difference which USB is the default, I can’t get both of them to work at the same time.

I tried the SigmaTel driver, and it gave me the same error. Could not get it dell dimension e521 audio work at all. I know that this works properly as I have used it in the past on this PC using Andrea Voice controller which came with the integrated audio from Dell.

Dell Dimension E Audio issue – Dell Community

I think its because the audio driver isn’t in the hardware manager so it can’t find it. I have a Dimension E which is from the same era as the E All forum topics Dell dimension e521 audio Topic Next Topic.

It is two channels, one is for high impedence instrument e. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

The first time i re-installed windows, the sound worked perfectly. Here is what happened so far: I then proceeded to install the driver for the sound card. I had checked the status of the sound card and it is enabled, I reinstalled the chipset and Desktop system software.

I can speak and hear my voice through the computer audoi with the added reverb from the sound card. Dimension E Audio not working. Usually XP will automatically assign them but I have seen cases where it took user action to select. Can anybody dell dimension e521 audio out here? It has made a huge improvement dell dimension e521 audio the quality of audio playback.