Yesterday the system slowed down to a state where audio was breaking. Also, doesnt nvidia cards come as pluggable type? Its not the games fault are dells, Its just that the two don’t match up. The xps x just does not have the chops to keep up with the awesome graphics of the game designers. I do not think I would need 16 GB in the near future.

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All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Here is my current specs: Any Dell reps want to chime in and help your once loyal customer s. Why should I need a warranty for YOU to update your dell xps l502x graphics drivers?! I bought the new expansion set for Blade of Swarm, the game even required and demanded more video memory and processor speed. If it is possible, try to use diferent drivers. Dell xps l502x graphics Android apps and a premium stylus, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is my new budget All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

There is no way to upgrade the video chip in this model — dell xps l502x graphics you need better video, you need a new notebook. In its third incarnation, faster processors and a much better keyboard finally make the Except I can actually install any driver I want. The XPS has undeniably throwback looks, and not in a good way. It nearly acts like a dock, giving this XPS a dell xps l502x graphics desktop-friendly feel for keeping wires out of the way, but making access a little tough for lap use.

Ok so whenever I try and update the graphics driver, be it from the Nvidia website, Dell xps l502x graphics website or the Dell Support website sites below I get the same issue, “Nvidia Installer Failed”. It’s a bit of a drag.

Be respectful, keep it graphicw and stay on topic. Visit manufacturer site for details. Just about everything else has soldered in video whether “discrete” or “hybrid”. HP Spectre x 13 late I was just wondering if this card is upgradable or is it built into the motherboard. dell xps l502x graphics

Intel Graphics Driver for XPS L502X

It is so very annoying. Please reply if you have any questions.

You’ll need a 3D TV to even take advantage of this feature, of course, and we doubt many people will. A wide, generous palm rest and keyboard deck is covered in more brushed metal, with a raised chiclet-style keyboard centered right in the middle between two speaker dell xps l502x graphics.

Dell XPS LX (Intel Core i review: Dell XPS LX (Intel Core i – CNET

All forum topics Dell xps l502x graphics Topic Next Topic. Like last year’s XPS, the included 5. The new addition kept freezing up on the xsp first level. I can roll back to the Dell Driver, or remove ALL video drivers and it will work, but the performance is terrible.

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The old m GS, would just pause and wait, then continue on. That’s not the one we reviewed, though.

I have a dell xps 15 lx bought 4. Honestly when people tell me they want to play games I usually tell them to get a desktop.

Dell XPS LX graphics card driver update issue “Nvidia Installer Failed” – Dell Community

The xps x just does not have the chops to keep up with the awesome graphics of the game designers. Does it impact performance in any way? May be upgradeable but limited: Sure if the game isn’t very demanding dell xps l502x graphics laptops can play them but for the majority of the games out your just gonna have to spend a good bit on the laptop to get a good experience.