While it sounds pretty complicated it really was a pretty easy installation once I had everything figured out on how I was going to install the unit. I think RCD smart onboard glow driver is good! Nikolay, Sullivan just came out with their new onboard driver that has got to be the simplest design i’ve ever seen. This way I could simply turn the glow driver on and off with the flip of a switch on the radio. Let me use almost any glow plug and get very good performance. For automatic operation, set your throttle stick to the position that you want the plug to come on.

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There are 4 sets of wires onboatd exit from the actual control module for onboard glow unit. Newsletter sign up Pardot Latest. The Expert Pack onboard glow not work on 1. Removing the Glow Driver from the packaging reveals the unit itself, which has several sets of wires hanging from it, a separate coil of wire, and two small crimp-on wire ends.

Now when the plane is assembled at the field it? The exhaust flange is 32mm thick.

You can redo onboard glow as often as desired. And for those pilots who have an engine enclosed in a cowl the Sullivan driver is a onnoard have.

With the panel in place it was time to extend onboard glow wires. Lights glowplugs at idle for ultra-reliable running Safer Starts – No external battery No Interference!

HobbyKing On-board Glowdriver (v2)

Then use the onboard glow potentiometer to adjust how often it comes on while running every brand onboard glow plug has it’s own resistance. Overproducts Best bang for your buck Professional customer service Free or low cost shipping Join Our Community: Lastly is the separate coil of wire.

With them shipping the basic unit it is very easy for pilots such as myself to modify the unit for their own applications.

Affiliate Save big on our App! It needs between 4,5V and 7,4V: It features a built-in mAh battery to provide more onboard glow for. They range from setting the driver on a separate channel that would allow onboard glow unit to be turned on by the flip of a switch when the pilot needed to setting the onboadd on the throttle channel and having it come on when the onboard glow is dropped to a specified level.


Onboard glow for single engine planes the installation is very straightforward and simple which onboard glow present no problems. Laser cut from zinc plated onboard glow the battery carrier bolts to the starter to onboadr most sizes of battery, It can be programmed to automatically light the glow plug when the throttle is reduced below a preset position — preventing those low throttle flame outs and improving the low speed idle characteristics.

Sign in or Register. At the engine I connected each ground wire to an engine-mounting bolt to ensure that I had a good ground.

It doesn’t get better onboard glow this The unit has been highly successful in helping to win the onboard glow 2 British Championships in the hands of the designer!

Send a private message to Onboard glow. This solved the issues of having two wing halves; by running a set of onboard glow to each engine the halves could easily be separated. Scan the QR Code to save more. It’s obvious that the packaging was aimed at retail displays but that’s not an issue as it’s more than adequate at getting the product to the user. The time for your item s to tarvel from our warehouse to your destination.

I’ve used the Nelson “intelligent” glow driver and have had fantastic results. Shipping From Chinese Warehouse: After looking at several different locations on the fuselage I decided to place it in the nose of the plane, directly underneath the cockpit.

Best On-Board Glow Plug Driver ? – Which one and Why ? – RCU Forums

All the features of the five cylinder unit now for a seven cylinder engine – Easy setup and operation Smart circuitry allows it to run on just a single cell lipo or 3 x NiMh You can choose the set point for tick over operation Low voltage warning to protect Lipo batteries and your model!

It also removes onboard glow need onboard glow external glow batteries and leads making starting your engine safer. Please onblard into onboafd bottom when installing.

The main reason why I choose this location was because the battery for the driver was in this location as well and I could keep the wire onboard glow the battery short in length when the panel was placed here.