We only have 2 left and we don’t recommend purchasing them because we found the replacement Philips SpeechMike LFH USB microphone to be slightly more accurate and a little more noise canceling. You will probably need more than just a driver for that model. There are currently 2 users logged in. I actually have two of these microphones, any takers? If anyone can point me in the correct direction or have a link much appreciated.

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One serial and one usb. If I don’t find it before you ship out the speechware then I might take you up on the dvd burner of the installation. However the may be a little too out speechmike pro 6274 date. They are the tops in SpeechMikes in my view. I have the accuracy at fastest speed all the way to the left.

Philips SpeechMike Pro Microphone | eBay

So if you have this old microphone and want to use it, I think you will be floored by the results. Did not know it was still there I will try some of the ones I found on the phillips site and speechmike pro 6274 if they work. Post and Reply Linear: Please feel free to check out our Battle of the Handheld Microphones review.

speechmikf On a personal level, we really liked the LFH because it included low high medium sensitivity control. I would be very curious the results speechmike pro 6274 this mic. As a SpeechMike avid myself, with a USB and Serial sitting in one of my own drawers, I would strongly recommend that you keep them for emergencies and get a Pro Plus if you still can.

If you call Speechmike pro 6274 speechmikd they can probably field that question or we can offer you a Backup DVD which should have everything on it but please note that we’ve never tried this with the LFH which dates back to the turn-of-the-century.


So I guess my GN netcom array mic, would be interesting to see how it performs with version I speechmike pro 6274 my cd with the program for the speechmike around here somewhere. I did a search here also but maybe just using the wrong words.

Speechmike usb updated software and drivers??? You will probably need more than just a driver for that model. Thank you for your comment! I am going to try one of the speechmike pro 6274 software later to see if I can get better control. I think I “might” have the application on my office computer and maybe can use Acronis Speecmike Image to clone the application to a dvd??????????. We honestly don’t know. There are currently guests browsing this forum, which makes a total of users using this forum.

I just dictated extremely fast pr in one speechmike pro 6274 breath, several different paragraphs that were complicated to dictate and it won’t make a mistake.

I actually have two of these microphones, any takers? I wanted to take the usb and play with it a bit with version 11 medical. Topic Tools View similar topics Print this topic. I was able to make a new user profile in DPME Tried to program into the options hot key but that would be way to easy speechmike pro 6274 it just worked. We suspect you might need the full button programming utility and a firmware speechmike pro 6274 to go with the driver.

I can’t seem to find the software on Philips website, though could find for the LFH Can anyone help with the driver and software? There are currently 2 users logged in.

I just copied the speechmike pro 6274 folder from my computer. I can control the mic but I have to have my cursor over it first then the speech mike will control it from the back button.

In a quiet room and holding it closelyI have not made a mistake speechmike pro 6274. I just need control software to program the buttons.