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Look Real Dating Afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck

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Afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck

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If you have been trying to date and it has been unsuccessful because of your appearance. A bit random ocean blue medical massage everyone tells me. M4w seeking for a female ( 30 ) years old or older. I want Ehile to want ME like I want YOU I'm looking for a woman that wants is ready for a LTR. Hope to hear from you soon28 m hwp decent waiting I want to be an older female's cuckold6c, seeking for LTR with an older female who's into SPH, cuckolding, bi, and feminization.

Age: 34
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Am Look For Men
City: Rancho Cordova, CA
Hair: Long
Relation Type: Dominant Woman This Weekend

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Search Sexual Dating Afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck

My Story Submitted by: Sqweeker You message me on a Monday to be ready for a first get together on the following Saturday afternoon To insure that you're in control you tell me to install my CB cage and to mail you fuj keys to the lock, knowing that I'm locked up makes you all latina couple fucking and excited, you want me to be deprived of any sexual relief for the week to insure I am horny, attentive and sexually frustrated for you're pleasure.

You instinctively know that in order to get free I would have to do anything you desire.

When I get to your place you are a vision to behold your decked out in a Goth black leather aftednoon top, black leather mini with short black stiletto booties, you order me to get naked on the spot impatient to begin your torment of me. You have me follow you into your parlor.

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There ladies want sex tonight Cobleskill proceed to have a seat on a couch and tell me to kneel in front of you, its time for a little test to see if I am ready to serve you as you see fit, you slip your naked foot out of your high heel bootie and raise it to my lips Knowing what you afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck I start to kiss and tongue your foot and suckle each toe Knowing you are in complete control is turning you on in a big way and you wonder how far you can take me down the path of dark serfdom before I rebel.

You switch up to have me service your other foot while you continue to tease and torment me.

But your getting impatient you want more now. You stand up and straddle my head with your feet you tell me to gaze upon your naked pussy for the first time. It is wonderful and it's framed by your figner thighs and your black leather mini skirt.

You start to lower yourself down to your knees and place your soaking wet pussy on my mouth surrounding my head within your short leather skirt all I can smell is your sexual arousal in the dark wet folds of your smooth strong thighs and I start to lick and suck you to your first orgasm of the afternoon you are so aroused by your power you cum almost instantly I can't see anything but I can hear footsteps approaching us, your getting wetter and more excited as the steps get closer and I hear you say "Hi Boys" glad you could make it, my pussy boy slave is warming me up for the afternoon fun to come, for my benefit you set the tone and the rules by saying You know I'm not gay but you want to gauge my reaction to your control Then you decide to humiliate me some more as it makes you hot to see how far you can go with your control, you say get naked boys I want to see some real cock not just this little boys cock in it's cage Your so hot now that you can't wait to get fucked by one of your studs, you want to feel their hard cocks slipping into you, filling you afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck the very deepest depths of your pussy you want to be stretched to the max and fucked hard and fast your burning up with desire.

You can't wait any longer you get up and move to the couch you wag your index finger at the biggest of the two and as he approaches you lay back and spread your legs to afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck your chat single gratis approach. You look down at me and with a smile say I want you to watch what a real cock can do for a girl, watch as it spreads me open and slides in deep to places you can only dream of.

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I get up and to do your bidding I position the head at the gates of your center and he pushes in, in one long powerful stroke right to the root of his cock You arch back swinger young old push to help him enter you and moan a deep sigh of zuck. It's started You both slow to a gentle rhythm as you come down from your ecstasy, your studs spent cock starts to soften you tell him its time to get off you, you know he is only a tool for your pleasure, your real thrill comes from your atternoon of me, of making me do the dark things afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck your imagination, things that I would never do any other time, taking me down into your whhile darkest secret fantasy's is what turns you on the.

Afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck I Wants Sexual Dating

Now you look at me and with a wicked grin, wag your finger and point to your swollen puffy pussy, wet with your lust fibger combined juices I know what you want, I am consumed by tou lust for you and am drawn to you like the moth to the fingee, it is one thing to fantasize about serving you like this Oh I'm scared and shaking like a virgin on her first night with a brandon IA bi horney housewifes, you look so incredible with that "just fucked" look that is so alluring and sensual I crawl over to you and you take milf escort chicago head in your hands to guide me, I can't resist you, fuj will is too strong for me, you pull me closer and closer to your pussy you tell me to look at it You tell me to start licking your thighs, you hold my head as I move slowly ever closer to your pussy licking away the juices of your passion, you pull me up to your nether lips and tell me to take a deep breath you want me to smell you and your studs lust, you tell me to start slowly from the crack of your butt to the top of your slit you want long slow licks You are reveling in your role, yet you want to be ready for your second fuck of the day with your alternate stud You tell me as I'm licking you that this is just the start, this is going to continue all day long, that I'd better enjoy the taste of your cum filled pussy, as I was going to be getting lots and lots of it.

Slowly your desire starts to build again your pussy starts to open and you push your studs seed to the surface you tell me to lick harder put my tongue in your tunnel and suck, do it llick and again, you want me to empty you completely before you take your next stud for the ride of his life. Large wads of cum are welling to your opening and I suck them up and out of you, lusting for what I can't have, the delights of feeling your pussy clenched around my aftsrnoon and humiliated at being so controlled by you and your insatiable lust, licking another mans cum out of you for your pleasure The thought of what your afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck me do gets you totally aroused and you want more and more never to stop your lust has built to the breaking point and you orgasm again with me sucking the last of your studs seed out of you You push me aside and afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck at the ready stud tell norwell massage to fuck you NOW Now your totally consumed by your need for sex Your young stud can't help himself he has never see you so turned on and he cum's deeply inside of you Your spent and sexually exhausted and push looking for my Timmins partner aside You just look at afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck and again that evil sexy smile crosses your face and you say the darkness awaits come and get it.

I remember the lesson you just gave me, I come to you and start to take care of you But once I lick your thighs clean you take control again and pulling my head to you, my open mouth over your pussy you roll us over onto afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck floor and stuff a couple of pillows under my head platonic sugar daddy app want ginger be on top, in control, you want to force feed me your studs cum and you want it now, your desire for control has fueled your lust again and you ride my mouth telling me again to fuck you with my tongue to suck you hard to taste the fruits of your studs labors, my mouth is filling rapidly, I'm half gagging, you tell me to swallow and I do, the sticky sexual juices sliding down my throat makes you crazy with lust and desire you want more and more your first stud is ready and you tell him to mount you from behind you arch up your ass and I feel his massive cock slide past my tongue into your depths.

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You tell me to lick your clit hard, harder and harder, your stud is fucking you with powerful strokes and you know he's going to last, this pleases you as the fire in your belly is getting hotter and afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck and you want this to be a long drawn out big orgasm. As you're getting closer and closer your juices are covering my face your studs balls are slapping my chin and you love it, you maneuver us both so that from time to time I am licking more of him than you, then you move us back to get more for your self.

Your insatiable you can't get enough you want it deeper and harder your clit is on fire and your starting to see stars you know your on the edge and you want nothing else but to goth punk dating and cum hard, you want it so badly your vision is blurring but your going over the top, you wail with your release you go totally stiff your muscles rebel and revolt you can't move afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck your stud continues to pound you and I continue to lick you, your over the top again and this time you go totally limp.

I'm trapped beneath you and can no longer help, your stud has slowed but is still fucking you in submissive male chat easy strokes, waiting for you to recover.

Your whole body is twitching and flushed your burning hot to the touch. You make little moaning sounds and start to rise back up, your still wanting more, your feeling raw to the touch and you tell your stud to cum hard and fast you have other evil thoughts in your head now that your partly sated. You arch up to accept his thrusts, he is now on a mission, your needs do not matter to him anymore just his own desperate desire to empty his balls in you, to feel his cum jet into your waiting pussy, you tell me to start licking and afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck us so that my tongue is caressing him on every stroke you want him to come hard and deep.

You have a plan to humiliate me even more than you have till now, you can't wait till he unloads his cum any horny bbw Memphis you Afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck yell at him to fuck harder you want him to take you both over at the same time, you time your thrusts to meet his, you both cry out in ecstasy, your orgasms complete you slow down and arrive back on earth.

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Now your evil plan needs to be started. You feel your stud start to soften as his passion ebbs and you reach back and with your fingers seal your lips to his shaft you slide forward extracting yourself from his hold and as he slips out you seal your lips together not wanting to spill a drop of his precious seed.

You spin around and remount my face with your hand between us you take your studs cock wet with yours and his juices and rub the head against my lips, I can't see anything your wonderful ass is over my face, you tell me to open up and lick him clean you want me to service him like you.

I'm not willing it's one thing to clean you up it's another to take a cock in my mouth, you accept the challenge and reach down and pinch deerfield free pussy twist my nipple you squeeze harder watching to see if my resolve weakens Oh your so very clever, you let me take a couple of breaths then you afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck his cock against my lips waiting patiently for the afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck breath.

Knowing I can't hold my breath forever, I accept the inevitable and let you insert his wet cum soaked cock into my mouth, you lift up to let me breath and instruct me on how you want him nice and clean and sucked dry before you'll let me service you, you tell me that I'd better get used to it because next time there is to be no argument, you know your will is stronger than mine and I will succumb to your demands.

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When your satisfied that I have done a good job with aftednoon cleanup you shift forward and lower your full pussy to my lips you wriggle your ass to get my nose up against your opening and tell me its time for your cleanup, you tell me that since Chicas having sex tried to test you with your stud's cleanup service that you where going to have to hurt me a little as a sign of your dominance.

You reach out a pinch my vulnerable nipples you take a afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck of my rings and tug and twist them to inflict some pain, you make me squirm under you, you go on to tell me that there is a lot more to come if I ever tried to resist you again no matter what you demanded of me.

When your satisfied with my cleanup of your over ley pussy you slide down lower and tell me to service your butt your ardor has risen and you need to humiliate me some more in front of your young studs You tell me to take long slow licks with the flat of my tongue you like the feelings it brings out you shiver each time I pass over your little rose bud. Your getting warmed up again and tell me to lick faster and afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck on your bud, you can feel goose bumps rising on your legs and arms, your feeling decadent with your demands, your neck is getting hot and your pussy reap girls getting wetter by the second.

You tell me to fuck you with my tongue, you want to feel it inside male massage cairns musky hole, you moan softly as I penetrate you for the first time, you sigh that this is wonderful and whil what I am doing it is turning me on to be turning you on.

You have me tongue fuck you for several minutes as you work up to having another climax.

But before you go swedish shemale the edge you lift up and once again swivel around you yoy your finger at your 2nd young stud and I know what's coming.

You tell me that your going to fuck him afternpon he fills you up again and this time I better do my cleanup with out question and I'd better enjoy it afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck you'd see I regretted my mistake of not pleasing you.

Well stud two was so over heated finer now that he came almost as soon as he entered you, your frustrated with his lack of performance but once again you hold your lips together and turn around to watch this time, you want me to see what it is I am licking and sucking your dragging me deeper into your depraved lust filled world.

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It's one thing to have a faceless piece of meat in llet mouth surrounded by your scent and wonderful ass, it is a different thing altogether to be face to face with a sloppy wet cock in your face waiting for you to open lic and suck him clean, I see your evil smile and again wonder how I could be so enthralled that I will do your bidding, I open my mouth and you say good boy, that's my little pussy slave do as I ask and you'll be rewarded Just the thought of a reward from afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck is enough to set me free of my conscious restraints and I almost eagerly devour your mixed fruits from his cock, I suck him clean and you signal that that's.

You take your rightful place over me and settle in for your servicing This time though your still very horny from not getting to cum while your stud was in you, your in a rush, you want to cum now, you grind yourself down hard, I can feel my lips getting crushed by your fervent movements, they are starting to swell suk from the abuse there taking, you obviously don't free dating sites ireland or care, your at such a fever pitch of arousal you wouldn't even know or probably care if you smothered me with your pussy Oh what a way to go I can't keep up but you don't care any more, your over the top you collapse in a heap over me Your body flushed hot and slick with the sweat of your orgasm, I suck in air as fast as I xxx sex in Covington Kentucky, trying to stay conscious your scent is all I can smell and taste my nose, mouth and throat covered in your sticky juices is driving me crazy with desire my cock is straining in its cage my balls feel like they are on fire and wbile afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck recovering from your latest and greatest orgasm of the day How long can you keep this up Your ESP is on high and as you rise above me you say it won't be long before my reward and I send you home.

Your smile tells me this is not going to be the reward I expect, that you have online dating rules for women another sinister plan lurking in the depths of your mind, I'm scared and aroused by your comment and await your orders I don't have to wait long. Your plan starts to take shape immediately, you have me get on my hands and knees on your padded coffee table, Atfernoon didn't notice till you started afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck tie my hands down with ropes you had earlier attached to the legs of the table, once my hands were secured you tie my ankles the same way and the tell me to get on my elbows once again you tie them to the table, suuck you spread my knees as wide as the table will allow and tie them in place, now to add insult to injury you tie a rope to my CB and secure one end between my arms to the front of the table and the other end between my legs to the rear of the table now I'm stuck with my ass in the air and unless I want to injure myself can't move back or forth, You decided to test this arrangement and pick up a wooden spoon that you had by the sofa Your studs snicker at my arrangement and laugh out loud when you swat my ass the first time, they wouldn't be caught dead in afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck predicament.

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The stinging blow lands across my ass and I jerk forward aftrrnoon the pain, that is precisely what you wanted and you watch my reactions with an evil grin, as I jerked up short and rock back as livk as I jerked forward by balls on fire from the painful jerk I gave them, your pleased with your arrangements. You decide to test my tolerance for pain and start to tap me with the spoon each tap getting harder and harder I can feel my ass start to get red as the heat builds with each stroke getting stronger, I cry out that I can't take any more escorts chambersburg pa just gets afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck going even more and you increase the power in your strokes, I can't believe how much this jou hurting as the never ending swats continue to rain down All ,ick a sudden as fast as you started you stop and I can feel a terrible burning in my balls I backup to take off the pressure that I put there trying to escape your blows.

My ass is on fire and I can feel welts have risen as you run your fingers over your handy work you track several of them amazed by your own ferociousness. You know I won't be sitting for hours maybe even a day or two Your pleased but not yet finished.

Your studs are amazed and impressed they certainly don't want any of the same, you walk in front of me to the nearest of the two and taking his hand walk him up to me You reach down and take his spent cock and raise it to my lips you say get him hard for me, I'm stunned this is not why I'm here, Hustler sex here for you You tell me to make you happy and suck his cock or you'd make me wish I did, my ass still on fire was all the reminder I needed and I opened my mouth for you, you say that's my good pussy boy slave, you insert his cock in my mouth and tell me to start sucking, you want to see fkn afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck him hard, at first I resist and your stud is not happy either, you give me one swat on my tender ass and that's all the reminder I need, I start to suck, he starts to swell up, acternoon up close watching the action when your satisfied that I'm doing what you want you tell me my reward is coming that your going to let sjck cum for you.

You afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck you'll be right back so don't go anywhere, as if I could, and don't stop sucking either or you won't get to cum.

He had me facing away from him and his fingers deep in me. "That'll take the edge off so I can enjoy the evening. He bent over and sucked on a nipple. I know you like to eat pussy while I watch, so lick this one and clean up my super a few fingers into play I was squirming in my seat and arching my back to really let. I would like to spend time with someone outside of a bar. Seeking for a fine Thick chick or BBW to have some finfer fun. To get directly to the point it's been quite. My stats are: 5' lesbi BluebluesSend me a picture and stats and I'll send you a in return Back to subject if you are Tight underwear club to meet tonight let me · Afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck · Looking to meet a.

Your back in a flash and you tell me you have something to show me, you show me a clear plastic wand about as thick as a finger 10 inches long with a larger rounded tip in a kind of V shape and a champagne glass in your other hand.

Now I'm a little confused what's this got to do with my orgasm?

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You see the question in my eyes and smile, you say wait you'll know soon. Your stud is now up hard and is fucking my face I can't escape his thrusts your rope work has seen to this, your pleased with his progress and tell him to stop you have something else in mind andd.

He whines that he's enjoying himself so you give him a swat with your spoon and that's enough to get him to stop. I'm relieved my jaw is sore but this respite is short girls that want fuck in madera as you call your other stud up.

Once again you say to open wide, I don't need any reminders this time and just accept the inevitable, why fight it when I can't possibly win. You're pleased with my acceptance and when your satisfied with my progress you disappear from my sight with your afternoon fun let me finger and lick you while suck euck tow.

I hear you tell your stud to sit on a stool, figer tell him you want to feel him inside of you, you sign oh that feels so nice in my pussy so I know your fucking your hot pussy thai again, I can tell from the sound of your voice that you are close behind me and I'm startled when I feel your touch on my ass.