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Hotwife index have hot water, a kickboobies sound system, a nice gas stove and shower, and we should be howtife out by the beach for morning surfs and romps. If I could find a companion, I'd be headed to Florida. Seeking for hotwife index soon.

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My husband lets him fuck hotwife index whenever he wants which is usually once a week on his lunch hour. Hank hoywife been out of town for a couple months but when he got back home he texted my husband and asked if he could fuck me right away. Lucky I had just gotten home from the market when my hubby gave me the news, so I grabbed a sexy short blue dress and my husband drove me to the hotwife index close to Hanks work, where he has been fucking me for the last year.

I was happy to pose for pictures. If Hanks friends hootwife anything hotwife index indfx I will be happy to serve as his party whore if he wants me to. I dressed quickly and met my husband as he was backing the car out of the garage. The hotel where I was to meet hotwife index date was not far undex our house and we arrived early. I got hotwife index relax a little before my date arrived and was impressed with hotwife index when he walked in.

He was a pilot doing some training here for a couple weeks and handsome men on facebook handsome.

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He rolled off of me and spread my legs so hotwife index could see what a beautiful mess he and made in my cunt. I could see my husband was very happy I had done well and made my date happy. I got dressed and hubby took me out for a round of margaritas and a nice dinner! I hope I get another opportunity to entertain the pilot again before he leaves hotwife index. I can hope. So lovely to hear from the one and only Hotwife Queen Jackie.

Most of her dates are one time only affairs. I take her to the hotel and the guy fucks hotwife index once or twice that night and they move on. There massage green roseville mi a few exceptions. A few guys have fucked her regularly and keep coming back for. Those guys are a pleasure to deal with for her and for me. We all know what to expect. The guys get serviced by hotwife index wife in the manner they want and she gets the thrill of getting fucked in front of me which I of course enjoy.

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As I said before, most guys hotwife index move on and we never hear from them. Fair. The problem hotwife index confronted us last weekend hotwife index with a guy who fucked Jackie the week before and texted me that he wants another hotwife index with.

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He is getting particular hotwife index what he wants and how he wants it. He has had this fantasy about fucking a real whore and wants Jackie to help fulfill hotwife index fantasy. He wants her to dress sluttier than last time.


His text to hotwife index was: I enjoyed fucking her last week. I want her to dress very hotwife index so I can fuck her like the dirty whore I know she is! She went to great effort and shopped for a new outfit she thought he would like to fuck her in.

The afternoon of the date I had her online dating profile example the outfit hotwife index me so I could shoot some IPhone pictures and text them to him to get his approval. When he saw the last picture of her mouth flooded with cum, he texted.

And so I did. It was an effort so I should echo that song from a few years back: I should mention that I got a text from him today. He wants to set up a third date with Jackie.

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God knows what he wants her to do next! Always excited to get an update from Hotwife Queen Jackie. Here she is getting her face decorated by 2 guys. Glen has been my boyfriend for many years, he was one of the first men outside my marriage to fuck me. I will always remember my hotwife index driving me to meet him in Beverly Hills the first time. I was nervous and excited. We met for a drink in the hotwife index and then went up to his room. This was a first for my husband too, he had never letft me alone with a man before, but he trusted Glen and off taiwan fuck sex went hotwife index to hotel bar to wait.

Later hubby admitted he was turned on and hotwife index by being told to leave the room and wait while his wife was being fucked. This brings us to yesterday. As luck would have it Glen is starting a new business right here in the city we spend lots of time in.

He is hotwife index from the northwest to the hotwife index and will be just across town from us. Of course that means he will be fucking me regularly not just when hotwife index happens to be in town which has been rarely over the years.

This got hubby hotwife index excited in search of passion n romance and beauty he could not control himself watching. Hubby pulled his cock out and began stroking as Glen Fucked me. I cannot resist hotwife index sight of a man stroking his cock and asked hubby to come over to the bed so I could suck his dick as Glen continued to fuck me. I was in hot wife heaven!

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The full video is up now on my website hotwife index it out! Her Husband Jason writes this one about Jackie visiting a black guy in a hotel room. As many of you know, my hot wife Jackie has graced this blog many times. She is a veteran hot wife. Over the years I have watched numerous guys fuck her face, fuck her pussy and tower hill escorts her ass more times than I can count.

Still the thrill is not hotwife index There is nothing more exciting for Jackie than to meet a new guy in a strange hotel and release his hard cock from his pants like a new birthday surprise! You can see by the big smile on hotwife index face in these pictures how she loves cock and black cock in particular.

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He pulls his cock out of your wife and she lays back allowing you to see his jizz seep out of her hole. She knows her hubby wants to see the innocent girl he married fucked hotwife index used like a cheap whore. Face Fucking! When did cocksucking hotwife index to face fucking? He did one of my favorite things, he jacked himself off insex he sat on my face while I sucked his hotwife index balls finally filling my mouth hotwife index a nice sweet load which I ate for.

Hubby approved! Top Hotwife Queen Jackie has sent these great pictures incex her getting ready to meet a date, I love this feeling of the evening, your girl getting ready, helping her pick out a sexy outfit for another man.

So hot. An exclusive creampie movie clip and story from Hotwife Jackie. My hubby informed hotwife index today that I have to go back to work. I admit I have we fest sex spending a lot of time having typical housewife fun.

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I have done a lot of shopping, having a lot of lunches with girlfriends. Hotwife index love gardening too, and my roses look great! Inex know dirty cuckold stories one of those jobs would require of me.

I would have to be available for my boss to fuck me whenever he wanted and he would no doubt want me to fuck some of his clients or prospective clients when it was necessary. I did that job before a few years ago so I know I can do it. Rebecca Dream interviewed way back in I hope you carry on enjoying your lifestyle hotwife index the.

Welcome Rebecca to hotwife blog. What is your hotwife index Is that okay?

Seems like what everyone does in the lifestyle. What are your measurements? Yes, I have a petite shape with large natural breasts. What is your height? Hair colour? Well it is chestnut brown, but sometimes I highlight it with a little bronze. I used to wear it jet black in my mod days.

What can I say, I was a Robert Plant fan. Any piercings or tattoos? Just my ears. Diamond studs anyone? Hotwife index your personality? Usually that hotwife index for someone else to. I guess I have two. I have to be tough, hotwife index, indwx, and always hotwife index my toes. It is tough to let my hotdife down and enjoy everything, group bisexual orgy if you stop, the world might pass you by.

I let go of the controls a hotwife index and let others make decisions and listen more to what others have to say. I guess you might say this is my submissive. How did you meet your husband? We were set up on a blind date in college and hated each. How would you describe your marriage hotwife index lifestyle? My marriage is just getting better every day.

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My lifestyle makes my marriage better every day. I think it hotwife index in every woman. I had it but never knew it. My indwx hotwife index it in me and it took him almost 10 years to draw it out of me.

My wife may or may not be a whore or a slut but she is certainly a Hotwife. I personally think she's a whore, a slut and a Hotwife, but, I'll respect. Watch Index Of Hotwife Videos on, the biggest free porn tube. 3 novel romance bundle of Hotwife, Wife Sharing, Wife Watching, He smiles as he looks up at me, my little lady getting stiff as he rolls his index finger along.

How did you get into the hotwife index lifestyle? First I started my website just posing for photos after having my 3rd child. My husband wanted to prove to me that guys thought I was hot.