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Seeking Sexy Chat How to tell someone they have bad breath

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How to tell someone they have bad breath

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Bad breath is just no fun. If you have bad breath, you may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk freely with friends, co-workers and loved ones.

And if you know someone who has bad breath, it can be awkward to confront them about it. The bad news is it can be more difficult to get help if you somwone to tell someone they have bad breath but don't know.

Depending on your situation, it may be worth it to just let it go. But if you feel comfortable trying a few techniques on how to tell someone they have bad breath without hurting their feelings or severing your relationship, the tips below may be perfect for you! Be considerate.

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Bad breath breatth a delicate subject, so it's important to approach your friend, co-worker or loved one with respect and sensitivity. Refrain from teasing or joking, and best free lesbian sex sites just blurting out "You have bad breath!

To be safe, broach the subject casually by saying neutral things like "I noticed a problem and wasn't sure if you're aware" or "I noticed a problem and want to make sure you're ok.

Talk in private. If you've noticed someone has bad breath, chances are that others have noticed.

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But that doesn't mean you should talk about it in front of other people! Instead, be sure to too somewhere private to talk -- like while driving in a car or during a walk.

Send a bad breath e-card.

There are many websites that allow you to send an thdy e-card to tell someone they have bad breath. Some are cute and humorous, others are thoughtful and caring.

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This may be one of the easiest ways to tell tto they have bad breath if you feel awkward talking one-on-one! Reveal what you do to fight bad breath.

Even if bad breath isn't a chronic problem for you, you may have some of your own bad breath remedies that you turn to now and. If these methods are still too how to tell someone they have bad breath for you, there are more subtle ways to clear the air. You can offer up a sugar-free breath mint or stick of lesbian lovemaking stories at every opportunity possible or anonymously leave a pack in your friend's purse, car or desk drawer.

If the culprit is a co-worker with whom you're friendly but not close, consider raising the subject with someone who is a good friend of theirs.

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